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“I was spiritually inspired to paint places I’ve traveled to on the Etheric planes, and other dimensions of being…glimpses of ancient temples, sacred healing circles of light, heavenly places to relax, enjoy and journey inward.”


“My paintings are meditative and spiritually different. They have no religious affiliation to any certain sect of belief, they are universal in nature.  They take you to other dimensions… on a ‘mental visual journey’ to some of these sacred places.” 


The Triangles / Visual Meditative Art


“I’ve learned that certain colors and shapes produce vibrations that facilitate healing. Colors affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually. They heal… body, mind and spirit. And so, I was spiritually inspired to create the triangle canvas, on which I used oils of sacred colors; purple, indigo, and cobalt blue to create my visions to share with the world, and assist in healing our beloved planet and those living on her.


The triangle since antiquity has represented Divine Power, Truth and the connection between Heaven and Earth. My intent is healing the ‘war energy’ and showing in ‘visual form’ a peaceful harmonious planet.



The Triangles


After receiving my Masters in Reiki, my oil paintings took on a new hue and tone. I began painting monochromatically on the triangular shape in 1996, after my son made me my first triangular canvas.


Although I had been painting since 1977, my paintings were average.  I did the normal landscapes, earth colors, trees, and mountains, lakes with nice reflections; the usual still life… the material world.


I loved getting lost in the process, letting the creative juices flow and allowed my hand to dance to the music. My paintings evolved and had a relaxing and soothing effect on the observers. They ‘pulled you into them’ in a magical way, I discovered they had hidden spirit guides in the trees, the clouds; I was amazed as I painted to my favorite group, Enigma.

The scenes flowed from my brushes onto the canvas with an ease that was free and filled with passion from my core being. I was painting my memories, my journeys out of body to other dimensions, ancient healing temples, places that were new to me, I painted into the wee hours of night when all was still and quite, painting… was, and is my passion.


I am one of  the first artists in the world to design the triangular canvas… onto, which, I create …in oils, my ‘visual meditative art’, a totally new artform… The triangles!!!


The triangle has presented Divine power, truth, and the connection between Heaven and Earth since antiquity…and as a Reiki Master Teacher (the ancient art of natural healing) I blend tone, color, hue and vibration together with a new ‘kind of resonance’ for anyone seeking a peaceful body, mind, and spirit.


Mystical Soul Journeys


I added reiki symbols to my artwork, and then tried some special purple or blue lighting, always trying to capture what I saw in my mind, and get it on canvas, this was no easy job. It took me until 2007 using the new technology and a computer with a cool program, called Pinnacle Studio 11, my computer technology consultant told me about, he said this program is what I needed to achieve what I was trying to do. He was right, and my paintings evolved into the Mystical Soul Journeys… which brought them to life, and I then added the special effects I had been trying to create with a brush and oils, and added the mystical music from Anahata, a perfect combination of spiritually enhanced and inspired artists enjoying the freedom to create from our heart. (Anahata: means the heart chakra of the chakras) we were in sync, but on opposite sides of the planet. What evolved from this combination became the “Journeys”…


When I sit in front of my blank canvas, I have no idea of what will end up on the canvas, I follow spirit without hesitation…I allow my hand to dance on the canvas to the music I listen to while painting.


I choose my colors by the vibration I fell at that moment in time, astrologically speaking… I love the feeling I have when I’m in this state of consciousness, I am at one with the places I paint, and I am there in the painting viewing it and sending it back in a vision.


This may sound a bit odd to you, but being a ‘co conscious being’ and able to move my consciousness to where I choose is the key essence of what I do when I paint my visual meditative art on the triangles which give them the feeling of the divine and the entity being at one.


I hope you will enjoy experiencing them as much as I enjoyed painting them and turning them into a Visual Meditative Experience for healing body, mind and spirit. Treat yourself to a visual and auditory meditative journey…into the unique artwork of Gail Packard, accompanied by the celestial music of Anahata.


Each journey contains an array of colors, imagery, and construction that will appeal to your senses and speak to your soul.  Gail’s “Visual Meditative Art” has been featured on CNN/local news KDIC in Carlsbad, Ca. and exhibited in many galleries in Southern California. Gail is the first visionary artist to use oils on triangular canvases in the world. The triangle since antiquity has represented Divine Power, Truth and the connection between Heaven and Earth.


The symbolism and messages contained within her work range from the more obvious triangular contour to the most ‘subtle hidden’ figures.  The twinkling reflections of light dance through her work and change the look and depth of her paintings in a marvelous fashion. Each mystical soul journey takes the viewer into the paintings, and has a healing soothing effect on body, mind and spirit.


“I’ve learned that certain colors produce vibrations that facilitate healing. Colors affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually. They heal… body, mind and spirit.”


The visual and auditory feast will transport you into a tranquil state through the mystical music of Anahata. Enjoy a spiritual immersive adventure to Ancient Cities, Sacred Healing Temples, Heavenly places just waiting to explore and enjoy.


For a truly unique and healing video adventure…enjoy a “Mystical Soul Journey”.


Spiritually Inspired Poetry



Gail Dillen Packard

Visionary Artist


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Gail Packard Featured On

Bridging Heaven And Earth



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Gail Packard Appears on Wondrous New BRIDGING Show: Sixth Annual International Healing Art Project Show. HEALING ART and MORE HEALING ART....our powerful and inspiring new BRIDGING Show # 286, the Sixth Annual International Healing Art Project Show, along with the majestic healing art/music video of Gail Packard, is now up and available worldwide 24/7......

Watch the Sixth Annual Healing Art Project Show on YOUTUBE:

On this Show, we discussed the Bridging International Healing Art Project and showed some of the many, many, magical and wondrous pieces, from all over the world and from all ages, colors and creeds, that have already arrived at the Foundation facilities.

The Sixth Annual International Healing Art Project Show was taped as one of the amazing shows during Bridging's Twenty-First Season. On this wonderful show, Allan, again with great passion and inspiration, talks about the Healing Art Project, the art, the artists, the vision it came from, the importance, the value, the new paradigm, read messages that came through the artists during their creative process, etc....and shows many of the magical pieces that had been sent from all over the world based on the theme, "Bridging Heaven & Earth" and dedicated to the Infinite and the Inclusion and the Oneness and the Love.

With collaborating artists from all over the world being represented, this Sixth Annual International Healing Art Project Show showed new pieces of wondrous art manifestations from Gail Packard [and other artists]. We also featured a beautiful art/music video from esteemed artist/collaborator, Gail Packard.

Watch the Sixth Annual Healing Art Project Show. We think it’s just beautiful and joyous..........

[ My paintings are available for purchase through Bridging Heaven and Earth: The Art Project. Please visit: Gateway To Heaven,  Crossing Over. and My Blue Heaven ]


Mystical Soul Journeys

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