Mystical Soul Journeys

A Journey Home

Take a journey through the veil of mystery. Enjoy pleasure in the serene crystal Blue Mountains. Dive into pristine aquamarine waters and allow your mind to float away in peaceful bliss. Just be, and enjoy the calm feeling of peace. Music by Anahata: Sunrise In Heaven

An Angels Path

A quiet peaceful journey through the veil of light towards a peaceful lake where a spirit guide meditates, join in a quiet moment of joy and relax. Music by Anahata: Sweet Angels

Atlantean Memories

A journey to the Sacred Healing Temples on Green Day, as they are being beamed up in the rescue before the great fall. A starship in the clouds awakens the healers and Lightworkers to continue their work on the next dimension of light. Music by Anahata: Translucent Stream

Cloud 11

A journey through the clouds of colorful pastel hues envelope you as you learn to fly with your magic bubble to acquire your wings. Music by Anahata: Explorer


A journey to the Sacred Healing Temple of Firelake where beings have gathered to meditate, and connect, for the 11:11 Cosmic Connection Time. A crystal healing Temple of the Divine Masters waits in the far distance of the translucent clouds. Music by Anahata: Dream Breather


A journey to Green Day, the day of the Great Fall. The sea and clouds join hands as the rescue of the Lightworkers and healers of the Temples are transformed into lighted spheres. Watch as they ascend into the veil. Music by Anahata: The Gates To Atlantis

Hidden Cove

A journey where you will find surfers and water spirits enjoying a perfect day, and some perfect waves! Music by Anahata: Brightness

Magical Places

A journey to a magical forest of emerald green lush surroundings filled with sprits and elemental delights. Music by Anahata: Love

On Angels Wings

Love filled spheres of light - the journey of souls flying on wings of angels towards the Light of the Divine Sacred Knowing – returning home for a rest. Music by Anahata: Lift Me Up

Pink Whisper

Experience the fluid flow of love's essence and the sphere's of delight as they dance through the images of another home, far far away, and long long ago, when the Ancients ones, mingled with us, and danced with delight, as we experienced their essence's of joy, peace, and the energy created when we were as one in the moment. Music by Anahata:Healing Touch

The Doorway

A journey through the white crystal forest of transparent trees aglow with energy, where your spirit guides await your arrival. Music by Anahata: Talking To Spirit

Transitional Journey Home

A journey as one transcends to the higher dimension of reality - beyond the veil - and into the spiritual dimension of self and soul. Music by Anahata: Deep Sea Journey To Atlantis

Where Angels Play

A gathering of angels splash into the purple waters that flow from majestic crystal boulders, ascending to the angelic realm of spirit and fun. Music by Anahata: Quietly Surrendering

Treat Your Soul
To A Meditative Delight


Immerse yourself in a a Mystical Soul Journey - my Visual Meditative Artform. A journey...out of time, space and your known reality. A sacred healing temples, ancient cities afloat in celestial settings, mystical mist-shrouded mountains, soothing seascapes, and spiritually inspired landscapes that will remind you of home.

Many original, meditative Journeys await you. Each Mystical Soul Journey begins with the triangle canvas of one of my ethereal paintings, and slowly you are transported closer to the source of her divine inspiration. Through blending the healing power of color with the iridescent music of Anahata, I achieved a visual and auditory feast in each Journey; one that will feed your soul and elevate your spirit to a tranquil inner state.

Perhaps your first Journey will be “Atlantean Memories”, a magical, azure land filled with sparkling dew and stardust; where you’ll float on billowing clouds and breathe deeply the sweet scent of heaven. There are a variety of Mystical Soul Journeys you may select from, including “Greenlight”, “Where Angels Play”, “On Sacred Wings”, and “The Hidden Cove.”

-- Gail Packard